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The widows  are truly recognizing God’s gift to them, thanks to the prayers and financial support of many. “The young mothers (widows) are working hard with much  the dedication and the attentiveness that they give to the tutor, They are determined to make it and to be able to change their lives  and that of their Orphans around, and they know they are the only ones who can do that. They are aware this is their life, for them and their children.

The widows , too, share their gratitude and their newfound hope. “Sister Joyce (our Patron)  has made us be aware of our giftedness, our talents and skills. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are rooted in prayers and always hopeful that God is with us. We thank God for the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and all those good people of God who are taking their time and resources in empowering us,” said two of the women in training.


In Nebbi District , Caritas works with family-related projects and activities for the socially disadvantaged, just as Caritas works to create opportunities for action for everyone who wants to help fight hunger and poverty.

Most Caritas organizations in Europe typically work both nationally and internationally. It is therefore natural that Caritas can meet some of the needs in Nebbi District.

In the social field, Caritas offers training courses that equip couples to handle and prevent conflicts and to have a better cohabitation. In addition, Caritas is a co-founder of the Center for Au Pairs (CAP) which advises au pairs and supports information meetings and social activities for au pairs in the Copenhagen area, Aalborg, Århus, Horsens, Esbjerg, Helsingør and Lyngby. CAP intends to counteract social isolation and create better conditions for the girls while they are in Nebbi District.

The ambition of the projects is to organize and expand the efforts that religious communities, parishes and individuals already make.

The assistance is provided without conditions or reservations of faith, background or belief. The purpose is to exercise human service - the active charity, which is central to the Catholic understanding of a Christian life.

Caritas strives to create opportunities for action for all who want to help fight hunger and poverty. There are many ways you can get involved in Caritas' work. It is not only with money that you can make a difference for the poorest in the world!

You can volunteer for Caritas. You can participate in our campaigns. You can donate glasses or you can send a prayer. The possibilities are many. If you have a new and different idea for what you can help with, contact our campaign
coordinator Sidse Helene Surel Mogensen at ssm@caritas.dk or by phone 38 18 00 28.