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Animals abound on St. Julie farm.

Animals abound on St. Julie farm. Although populations go up and down in good times and bad, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and goats are steady occupants. The main purpose of all these animals is to provide animal protein in the form of eggs and of meat that is served only on special occasions. When they exist in surplus, however, they can be sold and the profit used to purchase food that cannot be produced on site.


About 350 chickens occupy the chicken house behind the convent compound and provide eggs for student breakfasts twice a week. Once past reproductive age, the chicken are slaughtered and form the basis of a real meat-based feast.


Another addition to the animal population is bees. After a shaky start, when numerous problems beset the hives, (the most notable being lizards taking up residence inside them), bees now thrive at several sites throughout the property. The yield of honey is much prized and serves as a sweet treat for young and old alike.


The ten or so adult pigs have proved very fertile, producing at present 94 piglets, many of which will be sold.