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Welcome to St. Charles Borromeo Nebbi

The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Nebbi have dedicated themselves and still do to education, social and pastoral activities, the pastoral care of the sick, catechesis, evangelization, and collaboration with local churches to assist migrants and refugees and the poor. In response to the challenges of human mobility and faithful to the charism that the Church has entrusted to her, the Congregation becomes present through the witness of consecrated life and in the evangelical and missionary service to
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St. Julie Boarding School

In October 1996, groundbreaking began for St. Julie Boarding School in the Nebbi District of Uganda, East Africa. The Nebbi District was selected because of the desperate need for education in that area.


Animals abound on St. Julie farm. Although populations go up and down in good times and bad, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and goats are steady occupants. The main purpose of all these animals is to provide animal protein in the form of eggs and of meat that is served only on special occasions. Read more

Farm School

It may come as a surprise to know that most of the land on which St. Julie's is located is farmland. The original dream for the farm was the production of enough food to feed all the students and workers on the property Since the location is so isolated, all students are boarders and so are teachers. At any one time, upwards of 700 people are on the property and need to be nourished. Read more


Sisters of St Charles Borromeo continue to pray for all who suffer illness and hardship due to the coronavirus. The generosity of our  few donors to the Congregation’s COVID Relief Fund has provided food and other necessities to those in need around our Catholic Parish and Impoverished Diocese.
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As lockdowns are eased, we remain vigilant in following protocols to keep everyone healthy. A no-visitor restriction continues at the
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obeying the mandate given the apostles...

«[The Founder] was obeying the mandate given the apostles to bring the message of the Gospel to the poorest and farthest away from God (…). This apostolic sensitivity reached its peak when he turned his attention to the migrants. ..








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